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It is time for you to gain an unfair leverage and profit from property Market



When you are planing to make a property purchase, you may have many questions:

  • Is it a nice condo? 

  • Is it in prime district or good neighbourhood?

  • Does it has nice view? 

  • Is it a good time to buy? 

  • Is it nicely renovated? 

I believe it is every important for clients to understand and acknowledge the changing landscape of Singapore property market. Whether you are purchasing any property, you need to avoid making an unfavourable decision which will impact you negatively.

Coming from both real estate developer (Mapletree) and investment banking (DBS) background, gave me a good understanding of property market and insight. I believe a systematic framework to make property decision can help you avoid emotional traps and replace outdated ideas with updated proven strategies. It cover 3 aspects: Financial Modelling, Property Investment Roadmap, Property Investment Strategy.


The correct questions that we should ask themselves when we decide on property should be

  • how to spot right entry price 

  • what's the level of risk? 

  • what is my exit plan? 

  • What is the capital gain potential? 

  • How do I avoid buying into a property that underperform?

It is time for you to gain an unfair leverage and profit from property market. This systematic framework is a free consultation service available to all. In the session, I will share my experienced opinion on your plans and thoughts, which will enable you to derive at the best possible plan for the most important decision in your lives. 


Everyone cases and concerns are different so we look to address every concerns you have. Don’t worry, lots of homeowners-to-be used to face the same uncertainties you do now, but after they reached out to us for assistance, they have never looked back.

unfair advantage framework

Step 1: 


We are here to advise and pass on knowledge we acquire and witness happening on the ground. We do not engage in any sales talk but just want to help everyone make a more well informed decision.

Step 4

Questions & Misconceptions

Before we move ahead, we will address and clarify any queries or concern that you may have. This will ensure that we are on the same track to achieve your goals. We will definitely love to clarify any misconceptions.

Step 2: Real Estate Insights

Before we make one of the biggest purchase in our life, it's important we understand how the current real estate market trends is and what are some of the government guidelines on owning a property.

Step 5


Our prudent financial planning will ensure you are never over leveraging and always have a safety net in place. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the numbers before proceeding.

Step 3

Heart-to-Heart Talk

In order to achieve your goals, we need to understand your needs and wants to come up with a solid strategy. We want to make sure we cover your mid to long term goals and all the way to retirement.

Step 6

Action Strategy

With all the above groundwork completed, we will derive an action strategy for you It will consist of our recommendations, timeline planning, viewings and finally the purchase!

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