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Real estate is going to be the most expensive purchase we are going to make in a lifetime. It can leapfrog us into our retirement goals or set us a few steps back from it. The right property might be costly, but the wrong one will keep costing you.


Why did we create this initiative? 

Being in the Industry for more than 10 years, I have witnessed many home purchasers and investors who are frequently unaware or neglecting some Important Factors in their purchases.

Often, buyers will ask for the following people for property advice: 


Many buyers think they understand real estate because they’ve lived in or rented a home or an apartment. While they may know their local neighbourhood, that’s very different to understanding the property market.

"Independent" Investment Webinar 

Ask yourself: Is the person conducting the event an investment expert in their field?

How long have they been financially secure, or do they make their money teaching others? Are they showing the truth or just a beautified track record.

Financial Planners

While financial planners are licensed to sell financial products, most are not able to advise on real estate. Not only because they lack a sound understanding of property, but the company they work for doesn’t allow them to. Those who do recommend property usually have a biased view as they make commissions based on the investments they sell from their “stock list.”

Friends or family

I understand people may do this, but the question to ask is: are they really experts?

How many millionaires do you have in your family? If not, don’t ask them because often their advice will be to avoid property investment because of the “risk” and their own personal preference. 

Mortgage Broker

While it’s important to have an investment savvy mortgage broker on your side helping you through the finance maze, most don’t understand the property market well enough to advise on what is an “investment grade” property.

Property Marketer

while these salespeople may seem to be on your side, they’re really selling “product” for a property developer who is most likely going to make the biggest profit out of the deal. They don’t devise a plan that takes into account your family’s future needs and your risk profile.

Some of the Costly Misinterpretation we seen are buyers buying into a development with misguided information only to see its price Depreciate Or Underperform despite its good location. There are also purchasers investing into a new condo assuming New Launches will definitely result in profits for them. Sadly, they lost money.

Thus, we decide to created a very Detail Framework & Analysis with relevant Facts, Statistics and Experience in the Real Estate Market to help First Timer make this Huge Decision and avoid Critical Mistakes that they may not be aware of.


Speak to us before you buy your first home. We want to help more First Timer Home Owners grow their Net Worth and not see your savings squander away due to some essential pointers you may miss out.


Speaking to us is Free.

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Buying your first home is a milestone of adulthood in Singapore. It means (finally) moving out from your parents’ home, and into a place you can call your own. But how do you go about doing this? 

After conducting more than 200 consultancy sessions, we created a Systematic & Strategic Approach for 1st time homeowners to ensure that your hard-earned money is put in the right place and working best for you.

Through Understanding Your Needs and Mid to Long Term Goals, we will advise you on ideal choices based on your Affordability And Financial Standing.


On top of this, we promise to create an effective Action Plan And Feasible Exit strategy by working closely together with you.


In this Initiative, we discuss common questions such as:

  1. HDB, EC or Private? What should I choose for my first property? 

  2. As HDB is the most affordable, is it the lowest risk option for me?

  3. How do I avoid buying into a property that underperform?

  4. Is freehold better than leasehold?

  5. What are the pro and cons between new development and resale?

  6. How do people upgrade without touching their savings or affecting their lifestyle?

Everyone cases and concerns are different so we look to address every concerns you have.

Don’t worry, lots of homeowners-to-be used to face the same uncertainties you do now, but after they reached out to us for assistance, they have never looked back.


Our methodology covers all grounds to ensure you a reliable blueprint of your investment road map for the coming decade.

What Can You Expect From Our Session?

Before we even look into profits, we must eliminate as many risks as possible.

All investment come with risk, we do not want it to go uncalculated.

What we achieve today ius what we planted 5 years go. What we are 5 years later is what we choose to invest today. 

Kelvin Tan

First-Time Home Buyer

Initiative Program

Step 1: 


We are here to advise and pass on knowledge we acquire and witness happening on the ground. We do not engage in any sales talk but just want to help everyone make a more well informed decision.

Step 4

Questions & Misconceptions

Before we move ahead, we will address and clarify any queries or concern that you may have. This will ensure that we are on the same track to achieve your goals. We will definitely love to clarify any misconceptions.

Step 2: Real Estate Insights

Before we make one of the biggest purchase in our life, it's important we understand how the current real estate market trends is and what are some of the government guidelines on owning a property.

Step 5


Our prudent financial planning will ensure you are never over leveraging and always have a safety net in place. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the numbers before proceeding.

Step 3

Heart-to-Heart Talk

In order to achieve your goals, we need to understand your needs and wants to come up with a solid strategy. We want to make sure we cover your mid to long term goals and all the way to retirement.

Step 6

Action Strategy

With all the above groundwork completed, we will derive an action strategy for you It will consist of our recommendations, timeline planning, viewings and finally the purchase!

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